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Modelhaus Resin
Where can you find model car exhaust parts?

I am looking for model car parts for my father-in-law. He is looking to build a wooden car and wants to add exhaust pieces to it. I've done a basic google search and can't find anyting. If you can buy them as individual parts, are they plastic or can you get them in real metal? Thanks

A good question. I ran a Google search for:
[individual model car parts]

Then went to the 5Th item down:

Scale Hobby Shop Plastic Resin Model Car Truck Replica Kit ... Ace Resin - Supplies for casting resin model car parts and products. .... Modelhaus - Resin model car kits and parts of all kinds. Large selection. ...

Then, scrolled down to:
Plastruct - All kinds of plastic shapes and supplies to scratch build.

The far right item:
Scale Model Building Parts
Over 3500 Different Model Parts, Including Structural Shapes, Tubing, Sheet, Patterned Sheet, Landscaping Materials, Scale Figures And Vehicles, And More For Scratch Model Building And Kit Bashing.

Clicked the more tab:


PLASTRUCT's VOL 9 Universal Catalog contains over 4500 different scale Model Parts directed toward every facet of Miniature Scale Model Building.

That looks like a good start.
Hope this helps you.

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